UB Library Comparative Study to 2 Libraries in Lombok

In order to add insight and reference about better library management, UB Library held a series of comparative studies to Lombok Island. Comparative study which was attended by Head of Library, Expert Staff, Coordinator of Field and Sub Field Coordinator was held on May 18-21, 2017. The institutions visited were Mataram University Library and Library and Archives Services of NTB Province.

When visiting the Library University of Mataram, UB Library entourage directly received by the Head of Library University of Mataram namely Mr. Muslimin, S. Sos, MM. Not to be missed also the ranks of librarians and administrative staff of the University Library of Mataram participate in meetings and discussions held in the meeting room.

In the sharing, Mr Muslimin, S. Sos, MM said about the steps he did to make the students of Mataram University want to visit and stay for long in the library.

These steps include changing the design of some rooms to be more modern and colorful so it is not monotonous and boring like building institution in general. Then also make the atmosphere in some rooms become more relaxed where the visitors can relax like in cafes. The comparative study group of UB Library was invited to review almost every room in the building of Mataram University Library starting from Circulation Room to Internet Room.

Meanwhile, the visit of the Library and Archives Service of West Nusa Tenggara Province was received directly by the Head of Library and Archive of NTB Province, Mr. H. Lalu Anwar. In the sharing that took place in the meeting room, the two sides shared experiences about library management.

From the comparative study that has been done this, UB Library has gained a lot of knowledge and new insight that can be applied in the future for library progress and increase the satisfaction of the visitors.

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