Penelusuran E-Resources

Human Resources

Eeach personnel who involved in the UB Library have a huge influence on the product quality. In the UB Library organization, each person has the competency based on training, skills and experience that relevant to the job. Head of the UB Library will always ensure that the competence and the experience required in accordance with the standards of effective organizational performance.

To meet the demands of the responsibilities as defined in SMM, the UB Library:

  1. Placing personnel accordance with their competence in the relevant sector so the product quality is assured.
  2. Providing some training for new members and supervising for the beginners to achieve the necessary competence.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the process, performance and the actions taken.
  4. Ensuring the involvement and the concern for each personnel in their contribution with the effort to achieve quality objectives.
  5. Maintain the records in accordance with the training, skills and work experience.

Here is the list of leader UB Library :

Human Resources List of UB Library 2016