Digitalization and Transfer Media

The library as a place that provides a wide range of references and a collection of resources, became a central reference for the development of science for students, researchers, professors, academics and the general public. Growing library from conventional systems toward a more modern system is digital library and continues further towards the latest CLOUDS LIBRARY, which needs more dominant Internet network infrastructure.

The emergence of digital library that has the advantage in speed of access as oriented to digital data and media computer networks, need to process over media library materials into digital form. Here are the stages over digital media:
1. Collecting and selection of source material library materials
2. Clarification of copyright and ownership
3. Check the Physical and Data Recording Bibliography
4. The process of media transfer
5. Editing
6. mastering file
7. Input Metadata and Digital File Upload
8. Stages final corrections
9. Packaging and Publications

For a more complete and clear can be downloaded link below.

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