Visit Freshman of Medical Faculty from Malaysia

On August 11, 2016 Brawijaya University Central Library received visit from a group of freshman Medical Faculty of Brawijaya University originating from Malaysia. These 14 students visited the Central library of Brawijaya University for socialization or recognition library.

Guided by Mr. Dedy Gusra-Information Services Department Intellectualization-of them looked room and library facilities one by one. Started from the explanation of the procedure enter the library, see the front which includes lockers, memberships, circulation, multimedia and free internet. As freshman are required to understand how the procedure went into the library in order to use the library service well.

From the first floor, Mr. Dedy invited freshman to the second floor to see the collections in Red Label Space, White Label, Reference and Serial. Here, the freshman shown and described about what types of collections and how to perform search collections via OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). Not only that, the freshman of Medical Faculty also taught directly by the officers in each room how to find books on the shelves.

Visited the next room is Essay and Thesis Room. Here, freshman are invited to see the collection of scientific work of the academic community of Brawijaya University. In this occasion, we tried to find out what motivated the young people of Malaysia have to study up to Indonesia, especially in Brawijaya University.

The average answer if the quality of education of Braiwjaya University which proven quality to be the main motivation. Especially for the Department of Medicine, at which time Co-Assistant the students get a chance to see our patients directly, unlike in Malaysia who use robots as an object of inspection. And also the environment and climate in Malang which cool and comfortable to learn are make them choose to study in Brawijaya University.
(translated by Astrilia Armida M. – 143140114111001)

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