Visit of TK ABA 16 to Rumah Pintar

On February 27, 2019 Rumah Pintar, which is part of the UB Library, received a visit from cute kids from TK Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal (ABA) 16 Malang. This visit is an outbound program that aims to foster children’s reading interest at an early age and introduce the functions and contents of Rumah Pintar to students.

In the first session, children were invited to watch educational videos. The children seemed enthusiastic listening throughout the video playback. Even when Rumah Pintar’s officers namely Mrs. Sri Pur and Mrs. Tatik asked questions and asked the children to sing in front, they raised their hands simultaneously.

After that, it continued with the second session, which was making ice cream from mushrooms. The students were more enthusiastic because all were given the opportunity to stir the dough using a mixer, of course, still accompanied by teachers and Rumah Pintar’s officers. In addition to delicious ice mushrooms also contain good nutrition for the body. Not only were they taught how to make it, children could taste their ice cream.

The last activity is reading books and playing in the reading room. In Rumah Pintar Reading Room various and interesting children’s books and some children’s toys have been provided. They also scrambled to take books on the shelves, some of them immediately invaded children’s toys that had been provided.

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