Self Service in UB Library

Rapid technological progress makes things easier, including the use of facilities in the library. Since February 2017, the UB Libraries provide self-service facilities for the visitors. This self-service facilities available at the Lockers and Circulation Section.

Lockers in section visitors can borrow and return the locker independently, while for self-service circulation section is reserved only for borrowing books. The application of self-service as proof that UB Libraries always follow technological developments in the library world. In addition, as a commitment to UB Library to always provide the best service to visitors.

The students also welcomes self-service because they think self-service is more simple and fast. Self-service students need not stand in long lines to borrow lockers and books. The procedure should be done very easily. To borrow a locker independently, the visitors first took the key provided. Then, visitors can go directly to independent lending machine and scan the barcode on the identity card and locker key. After the successful borrowing process so visitors can use the lockers in accordance with the number keys borrowed.

While the book-lending procedures independently is also roughly the same. After getting books to be borrowed, visitors go directly to independent borrowing machine and scan the barcode on identity cards and books to be borrowed. After a successful borrowing process so visitors can take a slip borrowing out automatically at the machine.

If the visitors have difficulty in borrowing independently lockers and book this then they can ask for help to the locker officer or circulation that are ready to help.

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