Utilization Turnitin by Doctorate Degree

Being such a joy for UB Library if the services and facilities provided utilized by the user. As performed by Prof. Ir. Simon Bambang Widjanarko, PhD. were invited graduate students S3 to try out the Turtinin application on Multimedia Room, 1st Floor UB Libraries.

Application is an application subscribed Turnitin UB of vendors from the United States. This application serves to detect the similarity of the results of the scientific literature or known as plagiatisasi. UB allocates 40 username and password for each faculty, when the first stage is the use of Turnitin maximum, the Rector will increase quotas username and password to 6,000 users.

Socialitation about the use of Turnitin already been implemented by UB Library to some faculty last year. To obtain a username and password, each faculty should send your name and e-mail address of the user and e-mailing to Peprustakaan UB. Furthermore, each faculty can apply for assistance / workshop use Turnitin application of the Library.

So for other users, we invite you to come to UB Library if you want to learn more about Turnitin application. Our staff at the Multimedia Room is Mrs. Emy Sukartini and Mr. Dedy Gusra ready to help you.

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