Prime Research of UB Librarian

The duties of a librarian is not only limited to the collection and processing of materials serving the patrons of the library, but there are also other basic tasks that should not be ruled out that making paper or scientific works in the field of librarianship. But unfortunately the main tasks of this one often can not be implemented either as factors literate culture or habit of reading and writing are low.

The obligation of writing scientific papers in accordance with the regulations of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform on Functional Librarian and credit figures. Librarian profession is not only required to make a report of activities but appropriate positions required functional ideas for the development of libraries through scientific writings / papers.

UB Libraries has been doing coaching and assignment to the librarian to pull through research so that later can be poured into a paper / scientific work. The librarians UB is divided into several research groups. Now in the early 2016’s, a research group consisting of Dra. Widia Permana, S. Sos., MAB., Kurniasih Yuni Pratiwi, Bambang Supriyanto and Maria Dewi Desi Swista.

The title of the research this group is Influence Minor Thesis Collection Availability Brawijaya Knowledge Garden (BKG) Toward Meeting the Needs of Scientific Information UB’s Undergraduate Students. (Study on the UB Library).

Is the background of this study is the number of undergraduate students from UB striking more than 80% of the overall number of UB students. Total collections minor thesis is always in line with the number of graduates UB undergraduate students so that the availability of collection minor thesis is the potential to be used as a medium for the fulfillment of scientific information.

Mrs. Widia and friends research results are published in the Journal of Librarianship and Reading Societies Vol 32, No.1, January-June 2016. The journal is published by the Library of Sriwijaya University, Palembang.

Hopefully with the prime Pustawakan UB research is able to contribute to the world of science librarianship in Indonesia, but it also provides inspiration for pustawakan UB to follow in their footsteps, Aamiin.

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