UB Librarian Passes Call for Papers 62th Dies Library of Airlangga University

UB librarian returned to work in the national arena, this time UB Librarian escaped in the event Call for Papers 62th Dies Library of Airlangga University. The UB Librarian who passed in Call for Papers PUA 2017, among others: Dra. Widia Permana, S.Sos, M.AB, Suprihatin, SIP., MA, Prayoga Rizki Wikandani, S.AP and Maria Desi Swista Dewi, SPd, S.Hum who wrote a scientific paper entitled: “The Effectiveness of Open House Activities as a Promotion Tool Library of Brawijaya University “and Kurniasih Yuni Pratiwi, S.Sos who wrote a scientific paper entitled: “Analysis of the Role of Universitas Brawijaya Library in Achieving Digital Information Literacy Movement “.

Presentation of their scientific work was held on May 3, 2017 at Diamond Room, Swiss Belinn Hotel, Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo, Surabaya. The number of participants who made the presentation was 35 participants from all over Indonesia.

Along with the event, also held a National Seminar and Workshop titled “Library and Creative Innovative Librarian in the Digital Era”. The speakers are: Drs. Ida Fajar Priyanto, MA. Ph.D brought the material: “Dismantling the Indonesian Librarian Mindset”, Faizuddin Harliansyah, MIM brought the material: “Exploration of Tipping Point between Literacy and Scholarly Communication” and Prof. H. Hery Purbobasuki. M.Si., Ph.D. Bringing the material: “Urgency of the Librarian Role in Growing Scientific Publications in Indonesia”.

On the second day the workshop was held with 3 speakers, among others: Amirul Ulum, S.Sos., M.IP brought the material: Literacy Information Workshop: Introduction of Literacy, Chandra Pratama Setiawan, SIP and Prasetyo Adi N., S. Sos brought the material: Strategy Information Search and last is Vincentius Widya Iswara, Ss Bringing the material Use of a reference manager (Mendeley).

Mr. Ida Fajar Priyanto in his material said that the Library of Indonesia experienced 4 revolutions that are in line with the progress of the times and technology. 4 revolutions of the Indonesian Library are: Revolution I: Collection-Centric, Revolution II: User-Centric, Revolution III: Digital Shift and Revolution IV: Extended Roles. As librarians are required to understand the shifting of resources and do Knowledge Mobilization, understanding the information industry and suudah should be followed by awareness and change of the librarian’s perspective.

Faizuddin Harliansyah highlighted the 7 pillars of information literacy published by the Society of College of National and University Libraries (SCONUL) in 1999, later developed into a standard information literacy competency by the 2000 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), a competency standard that must be owned by Librarians in conducting information literacy.

Hery Purbobasuki convey that the fernomena of the development of science today is faster both the variety of contents and media, so that the demands of the more diverse users, information not like the warehouse but instantly just in time explode like the market. It is a challenge for librarians that ownership of information is no longer important but very important information access. Librarians should synergize with lecturers in research and academic development, exemplified by Scopus indexed journals. The librarian is no longer a bookkeeper but as a science guard.

Librarians as part of the Scholarly and Scientific Lifecycle should be able to blend and “feel” equal to the relevant professions so as not to form the image as a special group of sterile. In addition, the cultivator must have the ability as a supporter of the scientific and scientific cycles, must be able to be a culprit, able to research and write scientific, able to write in layman’s language in print / electronic media and finally able to recognize the direction of scientific development (science mapping).

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