UB Library Work Meeting 2017

Brawijaya University Library has just held the Work Meeting 2017 at Rejeki Hotel, Magetan, East Java. The event which was held regularly since four years ago was held on 17-18 November 2017. This Working Meeting 2017 was attended by 62 participants who are all staff of UB Library.

Work meetings are regularly held annually to evaluate the performance of all sections and staff during the past year. In the work meeting, each section conveys what programs have been successfully implemented in addition to what can not be done with the cause. Not only that, each section also then presented the work program for next year.

The UB Library Working Meeting 2017 opened with the reading of the Al-Quran by one of UB Library staff: Prayoga Rizki Wikandani SAP. Then continued with welcome speech by UB Library Expert Staff Dra. Welmin S A, M.Lib. In his speech, Mrs. Welmin suggested that UB Library immediately realize MILL (Malang Interlibrary Loan) because she saw the students who are working on thesis has a lot to discuss about MILL.

“Ironically, according to the research of one of the students there are 5 Universities who joined MILL but librarian rarely know about MILL,” said Mrs. Welmin reinforce his opinion.

Mrs. Welmin also raised the issues that are now a trend in the library world, one of which is about Menristekdiktim circular that the Library of Higher Education does not require the Main Librarian.

Meanwhile, the Head of UB Library in his speech expressed about the performance measurement team in Brawijaya University where he became one of the team members in it. Measurement of this working indicator will be implemented in 2018. Then later to measure the performance of an employee using performance indicators, so it is feasible if an employee get 80% or 100%.

“To measure the work of the educational support will be more difficult because of the variety of work that very much.”

After the Working Meeting 2017  was opened by Mr. Johan, the field coordinators were given the opportunity to present the 2017 performance evaluation and the 2018 workplan. The coordinators include the Supervisor of Suprapto, S.Sos, MA., Subdivision Head of Deddy Gusra S.Ag , Coordinator of Development and Cooperation Suprihatin, S.IP, MA.,; Coordinator of Technical Services Division Dra. Widia Permana, S.Sos, MAB and IT Coordinator Pitoyo Widhi Atmoko, S.Si, M.Si.

Furthermore, the Work Program 2018 which has been prepared by the field coordinators submitted to the Head of Library and then delegated to the Coordinator of Development and Cooperation. At the end of the event, there was a gaming event with exciting prizes for entertainment and refreshing for the staff after two days following the shelves.

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