Thesis Room that Always Full

Brawijya University Central Library has a variety of rooms with one of the room most in demand by visitors is Thesis Room. In this second floored room is provided assorted collection of thesis and dissertations scientific works UB academic community.

The visitors in the Thesis room majority are graduate students who was working on the thesis.The total amount of thesis in Thesis Room currently numbering47.570 titles from all faculties in Brawijaya University.


The collection on the Thesis room has been laid out on the shelves by type of faculty and year of publication in order to ease visitors when they are looking for collection. To browsing, visitors can use Brawijaya Knowledge Garden feature. Visitors can simply select Community and Collection located on the left and the various name of faculties in Brawijaya University will pop out.


Afterwards, visitors can choose the desired faculty. To search for scientific papers that begin with a certain letter, please click on the letter that appears next to the menu Jump to.


To search scientific papers UB based on Title, Author or Creator, select one of the options in the dropdown list browse by. Enter your search criteria in the text box criteria.


After getting the exact title, then we are just looking for a collection based on the code. The following code sample collection:





SKR for Thesis collection, while PEN for research. Other codes are FP, FE, and FMIPA indicate the name of the faculty, followed by year of publication and the last is the serial number collection. These codes can be seen in the back of the collection. If you are having trouble finding the location then you can ask the library staff on Thesis room.


Thesis collection can only be read on the spot and photocopied. However, most students more preferred taking a picture or typing the part as their reference for their thesis. No wonder almost everyday Thesis room always full filled with students. The students work on theses using a laptop with a few stacks of paper on the table is a common view.

The number of visitors throughout the UB Central Library in 2015 on average in a day reached 1,257 people and with 350 visitors per day in Thesis Room. Because of overloaded visitors in Thesis Room causing many visitors do not get seat and reading or working on a thesis on the floor as a solution as shown in the photos below.

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