Perpustakaan Brawijaya Application

In the era of digital as it is today slowly but surely all human activities began to migrate from offline to the online. Online activity was also getting easier, it should not be done through the computer, but can through the phone. Supporting one online activity is now more widely used applications. Ranging from applications purely as entertainment to applications that help our activities such as shopping online, ticket booking services to order.

UB library did not want to miss using technology to further improve services to users. IT Team (Information Technology) has just made a application named Perpustakaan Brawijaya. In this application the user can get information and news about the Library Brawijaya more quickly and easily.

According to the IT team, this time Perpustakaan Brawijaya application only contains information and news about Perpus UB. In the future course of this application will be developed even better by adding features that make it easier for the user.

For those of you who want to use the application Perpustakaan Brawijaya can download in the Play Store and instantly be able to install and use it on your phone each. Bravo to the Library Brawijaya, hopefully with the presence of this application it easier for users to get information and news about UB Library.

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