Library as Digital Intuition Repositories

Science and technology which stored in the library is very strategic. Library is a bridge between science and technology manufacturer {faculty and students) with scientific community and general public. Currently, UB has built knowledge garden which functioned for spreading science {research) to the public. And the result of the research which published through library, can be beneficial for the development of science and technology.

Library as Digital Institution Repository
Sulistyo Basuki said that, local wealth at the college level is a book, student final task, journal articles, research reports, papers of scientific meeting, gravy literature (dissertation, inauguration speech), patents, and electronic learning material. Local wealth usually was kept in university library. Difficulties faced by PT regarding the function of the storage library is the storage of lecturer writing.
Field experience shows, many lecture didn’t want to submit their writing to the PT because of that the collection didn’t always reflect local intellectual work of a university. Storage that have been done by library can be a digital or hard copy format. Demands become a world class university, requires the library to become digital institution repositories which allows all local intellectuals can be accessed by every searcher engine. If intellectual wealth can be found by search engines Basuki said, it will increase the visibility of university in the world also can be used as one indicator ranking of universities, as have been done for example as Webometric. However, according to Basuki, storage and open access need a corporation between stakeholders such as, the rector, the budget provision, metadata, inter cooperation, harvester, and librarian readiness.

UB must be innovative for UKD
Meanwhile in a lecture entitled “Awareness of the academic community in terms to enriching local intellectual as acceleration to World Class University (UKD)”, Mochamad Al Musadieq from UB said, according to his vision to become entrepreneurship university, UB must change its mind-set from what-is (what that is) into what-can-be (What might happen). Change from argumentative mind-set into designing mind-set. To become organization with future vision, UB must have a lot of behavior for example, imaginative (Not limited by reality but possibility), Speculative (Think based on assumption and intuition), and impulsive (take at first chance). Because of that, Musadieq suggested that creativity of each individual UB become innovative UB.[nun]

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