Integration Service of FIB Reading Room

The integration service of FIB Reading Room which started on December 17, 2021 until January 30, 2022 was completed. Before the collection integration processing was carried out by the reading room staff, the library provided assistance in processing the reading room collection in order to provide assistance and guidance to the reading room staff. A total of 200 copies of FIB Reading Room books were sent to the UB Library Processing Service Division which was then processed for 1 month by UB Librarians. The FIB Reading Room integration activity does not only manage it, but it is also necessary to maintain a collection rearrangement (shelving) based on the library science, because the 2 (two) FIB reading room staff do not have a library science background. So that UB Library librarians still have to do re-direction.

On Thursday, February 3, 2022, the handover of books from the Central Library Processing Office to the reading room staffs. Furthermore, the reading room book processing activities will be carried out by the FIB Reading Room staff.

The benefit of this activity is that UB students/FIB students can access the collections of the FIB reading room from the Central Library and vice versa, the collections of the Central Library can be accessed from the integrated reading room.