Information Literacy Training 15th

UB Library regularly holds Information Literacy Training which in March reached the 15th batch. This training is held in a hybrid way which combines offline and online training via Zoom. The event started at 09.00 WIB with a moderator Kethy Hariyadi Putri, S.AB., M.A., in the teleconference room of UB Library.

The difference in Information Literacy Training Batch 15th at this time is the addition of new material, namely Turnitin which is a similarity soft-ware also known as anti-plagiarism, which has been subscribed by University of Brawijaya. According to the official website at library of Monash University Australia, it is explained that Turnitin is a text-matching soft-ware that checks written work compared to electronic text from the internet. This electronic text consists of journal articles, books and previous assignments submitted by faculty or university to Turnitin.

UB library has been using Turnitin since 2015 to serve lecturers who check plagiarism on scientific works written by UB students. The operator of Turnitin at UB Library is Mr. Dedy Gusra, S.Ag and explains clearly in this Information Literacy Training 15th batch. The following is a list of Information Literacy Training speakers:

  1. Suprihatin, S.SIP., M.A (UB Library Online Services)
  1. Dedy Gusra, S.Ag (Turnitin)
  2. Hery Prayitno (Utilization of SSO RemoteXs and UB Repository)
  3. Gabriel Wahyu Purnomo, S.AB., M.M (Search Optimization of E-resources subscribed by UB)


“This training is important if we consider that the library is one of the service units in UB which serves the entire UB community to compile assignments, proposals, and good articles to decrease plagiarism. This will have an impact in improving UB’s performance in IKU UB, so it improves UB reputation to the international level,” said Prof. Dr. Aulanni’am, drh., DES when giving a speech in the opening the Information Literacy Training 15th batch.

The enthusiasm shown by UB academic community is quite high for the Information Literacy Training 15th batch. It can be seen from the number of participants who registered via Google form as many as 442 people, which previously experienced a decline, only 300 people due to several reasons. Throughout the event, the participants listened intensively to the materials and many questions were asked during the question and answer session. Some of the questions that have been collected as follow:


In session 1, there was a participant, Sony Susanto asked to the speaker Mrs. Suprihatin, S.SIP., M.A,: “What is the meaning of the embargo on the collection of the UB Library repository?”

“Embargo is a restriction on access to repository collections in which newly published works can only be accessed for only abstracts for 2 years and works that are currently under an embargo request by the author,” answered Mrs. Suprihatin.

“How do I sign up for Turnitin? I tried to log in using UB’s email account but there is a statement saying that your institution does not allow entry using this method,” asked FP UB Heptari in the Turnitin material session.

Mr. Dedy Gusra answered that if you want to register for Turnitin, you must submit an application to the UB Library officially. Those who have the right to submit are lecturers and staff, while students can ask the lecturers concerned.

For you who want to listen to Information Literacy Training 15th batch, you can watch the replay on the UB Library YouTube channel.