CD-ROM Service

Besides journal and other print collection, Library Unit also provides some collections in electronic or digital form. Collections in this type of service provided in the CD-ROM for almost the entire collection that is stored in the form of compact disc (CD). In fact, this service is available for special room that furnished 6 units of computers can be used to access digital collections via online / network.

Collections that provides in this services are:

  • scientific journals of medicine (Proquest Medical)
  • business and management (ABI)
  • science and applied technology (Applied Science and Technology Plus)
  • social science (Social Science Index)
  • Agricomplex journal (TEEAL)
  • collection of legislation

Each full-text articles were obtained and printed will be charged Rp. 800 per share if using a laser printer and Rp. 500 for bubble jet printers. This fee is used to change the operational cost of laser toner, ink and paper.