Library of Brawijaya University Successed Held UB Library Showcase and Open House 2016

The Central Library of Brawijaya University has been succesed held UB Library Showcase and Open House 2016. This show has been held for twice in this year with the theme: “Nurturing Science and Knowledge.” The meaning of the theme is Library of Brawijaya University is not only just collect source of information and science but also treat and spread it to the readers.

UB Library Showcase and Open House has held for 3 days which was on 20 until 22 September 2016 in Central Building of Library of Brawijaya University. As series of events in UB Library Showcase and Open House 2016 are: panel discussion, exhibition, variety of games and free food for all Brawijaya University students.

UB Library Showcase and Open House 2016 opened by the rector of Brawijaya University, Mr. Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, M.S. In his speech, Prof. Bisri said that Library of Brawijaya University must “return to the earth” that is getting closer to the students so they interested and want to use all facilities and connections that Library of Brawijaya University have. Therefore Library of Brawijaya University must give an easy access to the readers and accompany them until to the classes.

After did the ribbon cutting that means the UB Library Showcase and Open House 2016 is open, Prof. Bisri took his time to take a “wefie” photo together with Mr. Johan and range of Brawijaya University officer such as Vice Rector 1 and Ms. Dra. Welmin S.A., M.Lib.


The show continued by visiting exhibition area which shows e-journal and e-book vendor that subscribed by Library of Brawijaya University such as Elseiver, Ebsco, I-Group, Proquest, Osiris dan Bureau van Dijk , and also UB Press participated in that exhibition.

In Ruang Pertemuan 1 also held panel discussion that titled: “Kiat Sukses Menjadi Pustakawan Profesional.” The speakers of this panel discussion was Dra. Welmin S.A., M.Lib., Drs. Mansur Sutedjo, SIP dan Hermintatik, S.AB., MA.

To enliven the UB Library Showcase and Open House 2016 more, Library of Brawijaya University also held a variety of contest such as: Essay Contest, Giant Jengga, Buckshot Fishing, and Selfie Competition with a very tantalize prizes from fresh money and vouchers from the sponsors.

The most liked by the students were of course the free meal one. Library of Brawijaya University provided a variety of menu for the students for 3 days which are: meatballs, soto, pangsit noodle, mie ayam, tahu campur, sigobang, rujak manis, lontong balap, until es buah. To get the free meal the students just take the coupon to the comittee and trade it with the food start at 10.00.

There is no doubt during this UB Library Showcase and Open House 2016, Library of Brawijaya University always crowded by the visitors. Even the locker facilities until overload because there are so many visitors who entrust their bags. However, event UB Library Showcase and Open House 2016 still held successfully by thanking the comittee cooperation that firm and solid.

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