Universitas Brawijaya was established at January 5, 1963 and so do the Central Library of Universitas Brawijaya did. This case based on Ministry PTIT’s Decision Nomor 1 tahun 1963 and firmed by the President Republic of Indonesia’s Decision No. 196, 23 September 1963. This Library also experienced in place transition at its expansion. Early, it addressed at Jl. Guntur No. 1, but later at year of 1965 was moved to Universitas Brawijaya’s Campus at Dinoyo, Malang. At that time, the large of this building was only 400 m2, then at its blooming, this library built a building as wide as 3.000 m2. Afterwards, it was legitimated by the Director of High Education Administrator (Prof. Dr. Dodi Trisna Amijaya) at February 24, 1984. At the year of 1987, this building was widening out with the width as 4. 200 m2. And at 2009, new library’s building was built as wide as 4. 320 m2, it made the final width of this building became 8.520 m2 which included the extension from the old building. The library placed at 1st and 2nd floor.

To improve continously about quality of service relevant and efficiency of Universitas Brawijaya in global area, that’s why UB need a supporting system, especially good managing library. The increasing ability of UB Library, in the period of last ten years has been accelerated, especially to meet the needs of library management process by developing and implementing an integrated library automation system, and in 2004 the activities of the library already automated and web based. Through various programs, the management did a cooperation and another development , so that UB library was awarded as a library that develops and implements Information Technology (IT) well. The Services of Sampoerna Corner, providing Internet services for free. The development of IT managemnet and provision was getting better when the library managed to obtain a grand TPSDP, in the period of 2006-2007.

UB Library Programs at 2009 was to continue the activities in 2008 which was already in underway and also enhance its management. As the main mandate of UB Library, the library programs focused on: a) Enhancing the role of the library as UB support system by enhancing organisation capabilities in a professional, credible and accountable; b) Enhancing the stakeholder satisfaction by extension, speed, and accuracy of access; c) Providing the qualited information sources through the printed and electronic media, locally and internationally; d) Utilizing ICT as a tool to facilitate the submitting, managing, recovering and spreading data.