Human Resources

Every staff that is involved in UB Library has a big influence on product quality. In the UB Library organization, everyone has competence based on training, skills, and experience according to their work. The Head of UB Libraries will always ensure that the competencies and experience required are following effective organizational performance standards.

To fulfill the demands for responsibilities as stipulated in the Quality Management Standards, UB Libraries:

  1. Placing personnel following their competencies in relevant fields so that product quality is guaranteed.
  2. Conducting training for new members and mentoring for beginners to achieve the required competencies.
  3. Evaluating the effectiveness of the process, performance and actions taken.
  4. Ensuring the involvement and concern of each staff with their contribution in the effort to achieve quality objectives.
  5. Recording maintenance according to training, skills, and work experience

This is the following list of UB Library leaders:

Human Resources Data of UB LIBRARY in 2021

Table of Human Resources UB Library in 2021

Human Resources of UB Library based on an educational background in 2021

UB Library Human Resources based on position in 2021

Human Resources of UB Library’s Librarian compared to Non-Librarians in 2021