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161 Balfour Solomon’s Temple: Myth, Conflict, and Faith Visit
162 Woolley Low Impact Building – Houses Using Renewable Materials Visit
163 Syms Previously Developed Land – Industrial Activitiesand Contamination 2e Visit
164 Syms Land, Development and Design Visit
165 Riddell Sustainable Urban Planning – Tipping the Balance Visit
166 Johnson Fundamentals of Land Development: A Real-World Guide to Profitable Large-Scale Development Visit
167 Hall Turning a Town Around – A Proactive Approach to Urban Design Visit
168 Gaffikin Planning in Divided Cities Visit
169 Colantonio Urban Regeneration and Social Sustainability – Best Practice from European Cities Visit
170 Beider Race, Housing and Community – Perspectives on Policy & Practice Visit
171 Jones The Challenges of the Housing Economy – aninternational perspective Visit
172 Musterd Place-making and Policies for Competitive Cities Visit
173 Smith A Companion to Art Theory Visit
174 Rudolph A Companion to Medieval Art – Romanesque and Gothic in Northern Europe Visit
175 Wenzel An Introduction to Kant’s Aesthetics – Core Concepts and Problems Visit
176 Osborne Art’s Agency and Art History Visit
177 Hackforth-Jones Edges of Empire – Orientalism and Visual Culture Visit
178 Pollock Psychoanalysis and the Image – Transdisciplinary Perspectives Visit
179 Arnold Art and Thought Visit
180 Butt After Criticism Visit